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Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!
Wednesday, January 1, 2014 // 12:56 AM

It is 11 45pm now, I know it is a tad too late to post this but the ouhm to blog suddenly came, so yea.. :p

I am very thankful to say that, my 2013 was a happy and amazing one. It was a year when happiness was more than sadness (ratio of 9:1?), when all my resolutions were achieved (big claps!), when I made good friends, and when I did many things which I have never done before, yays!

Recap of my amazing 2013! 

1) I learnt something new in 2013 : Ukulele. I forgot how and where I got the ouhm to learn it though. 

2) Despite all the stupid dramas, school has been great. But I couldn't have done it without Estelle, honestly. Thank you for sticking around all this while. Love you, jup jup! 

3) I also made amazing new friends. Stuffs are posted all the way from China by Lexi, aren't they pretty? :)

4) One of the highlights of the year for Winleng and I, jeng jeng! We went to Jay Chou concert together! Reminiscing it until today, I miss Jay Chou! :(

 5) Other than that, we also went on a few trips together, we travelled quite a lot in 2013. This was our Malacca trip :D 

6) I turned 21 in 2013, one of the presents I received was this photoshoot session, from my best friend Suyin. She knows how much I adore couple photos so she offered to do one for Winleng and I. The series of photos is awesome! Thanks, Su!

7) I have always been very lazy to go outdoor for sports/exercise, because I am lazy like that, lol. So one of my resolutions for 2013 was to be healthier, to go out and exercise more frequent, akhems. During my semester breaks, I woke up as early as 7am to jog. Impressive hor? I think my "determination" cheated impressed Winleng anyhow, so much so that he bought me a new pair of sport shoes for me to "exercise". My #1 loyal supporter! :p

8) After planting Daisy for 2 years (2 pots died, sorry and RIP Daisy) but the 3rd pot of Daisy finally bloomed! Who says whatever I plant surely die one? Who says I can't grow any plant one? You come talk to me now, lolol. 

9) 2013 - I bleached my hair for the first time, and dyed it green. Even though that strand of hair got super dry and frizzy in the end, it is okay. :p 

10) On the last day of 2013, I bade my straight hair goodbye. I have had it for 21 years, oh gosh. Earlier this year, I poodle-permed 2" of my hair but I think that didn't count because it was just a tiny part. This time, I permed it officially but I still can not get used to it because I suck in taking care of curly hair, sigh. It is okay though, I will make sure I get used to it eventually. :D

That's basically all the major highlights of my 2013. To me, the year was great, I am contented, I couldn't ask for more. If I were to rate 2013, on the scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 9! That's not bad, right?

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the 21st year of my life, thank you for completing another year with me. Thanks for all the love and care.  

2014, I am ready! May 2014 be a good and amazing year for everyone of you, I know it will be. Till then. 

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013 // 3:09 PM

Few days back, a fan from Hong Kong posted on Jay Chou fans club page on Facebook requesting for postcard swapping, and her post caught my attention and I agreed to swap with her. Honestly, at first I was a little bit afraid because I haven't posted to unknown in a while and I was a little bit afraid to give a complete stranger my address, I am scared to be kidnapped, haha pun intended! But in the end I did and I have decided to send her a package instead of just a postcard. She got so excited when I told her that! I think this is one of the little things that can put a smile on our faces. Random act of kindness, yea? :)

She got me so excited, seriously. For the past few days, I have been so busy thinking what to put in the package to send to her, busy searching for beautiful postcard for her.

It reminds me of those days when I used to have penpals. I used to be so excited to write to them and wait for their replies. I checked my mailbox like every single day after school! And I used to tell them about my primary school crushes, hehehehehehe! *blushing

Until today, I am still keeping the old letters and cards I received from my friends and penpals. Handwritten cards and letters are always precious, especially in today's era where most people are sending digital cards instead of snail mailing. I spent yesterday night reading through old letters and cards given to me by those special ones, they still managed to put a smile on my face, well, even though some of them are not that close with me anymore now. Thank you :')

Why am I so long winded? Haha! Now, the main point of this post, akhems. Because of penpal-ing, I have collected a few albums of stamps. Dug out my albums today and snap a few photos of the stamps. :)

But now, I have decided to give away my stamps because I have stopped collecting them for a few years, therefore I might as well give them to new owners who would appreciate them? :D If you are a collector and wish to swap stamps or postcards with me, kindly email me at :D

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I just love it ♥
Thursday, August 29, 2013 // 1:17 AM

Every now and then, I will receive presents, regardless big or small, which will make me happy for days. From my loved ones (Ya, they love me THAT much) and from myself (And double ya, I love myself very much also) hahah! And I realised in 2013, I have received quite a number of new presents. One of them which I love the most is this Dream Lites Unicorn Pillowpet from Winleng, jeng jeng! :D I love it so much that I decided to write a post about it. Crazy.

A little brief history on how I got this.. 
Months ago when Despicable Me 2 was up in the cinema, we went and watched it and Winleng asked me after the movie, "So do you want the Minions?" I said jokingly, "No, Minions are too mainstream, I rather want a unicorn." But after some random Googling, akhems, I found this thing on the net. Fell in love with it at the first sight, I told WL about it, and the next thing I knew, he ordered it for me already, muahaha, I am pampered and spoiled like this. Opps! 

Here are a few shots of my baby unicorn. Photos taken by another present - my JE10.
With flash.

 Toy Camera mode. My unicorn looks so innocent here, omg. :(

 Pop mode.

 When it is folded up. So fluffy I wanna die! 

Have had it with me for a while already but I am still in love with it very much. It is not a normal pillowpet, in fact it is a night light. It has lights, it can project stars and unicorn onto my ceiling and wall when I switched it on.*Puke rainbow*  It actually does turn my room into a starry sky every night. And it is so smart that it has this 'timer' in it which will switch the lights off automatically after 20 minutes, smarter than me. *Puke rainbow x2!*

Apparently Dream Lites Pillowpets are quite popular in the UK and US. It is actually designed for kids to help them to sleep better at night. Not sure it is the psychological effect or it really does work, I feel calmer and relaxed with it turned on. I love love love my unicorn. ♥ Truth is, even my family members, including my puppy love it! Puppy QQ stares at the lights every time I switched it on, lol. I guess she is amazed too. 

Shared a double decker bed with my sister at home and I sleep at the bottom. This is what I see when I turned it on. :'))

 The 4 photos above are taken by my DSLR. The last 3 are taken when the lights are projected on the wall. It looks 1000 times better when the stars are projected on ceiling but too bad, my photography skill is not that pro yet to snap the photos of it. I tried a few times but failed, meh! :p

I heard we can get Dream Lites pillow pets in Toys "R" Us in Malaysia, I went to the outlet in Midvalley the other day to look for them but I couldnt find them. :(

Nay, this is not a professional product review post or anything, it is just me expressing my love for my unicorn, lolol! Thanks for the very very wonderful present, Winleng. I hope you will be happy when you read this post too. 

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Kampung girl
Saturday, August 17, 2013 // 4:14 PM

Few days ago, I saw this shared post on FB, saying that there is a newly painted mural in my hometown, Teluk Intan, painted on a wall behind 老店 (Direct translation: old shop).  Very excited, my first thought was  "Okay die die must go snap photo there." But then, my second thought was "Where is this old shop?" Lol, there are so many old shops in Teluk Intan okay. Or maybe I didnt know the shops here are called 老店? :/

So this morning, after breakfast, I went there with lil sister, jeng jeng. She snapped all the photos, with my new pink toy JE10. It is in Jalan Manggis, same row as Hang Seng Restaurant, same row as 23hours Sin Lok Tian coffee shop. :D

 Fellow Teluk Intan-ians sure know where is this place now. You are welcome :p

Very detailed painting! The painter should paint more murals in Teluk Intan, really. Two thumb-ups! Two likes! (Y)

I am not a city girl, I am from a small town. I love my hometown and I am proud of it. No offence, but frankly I dont quite understand why after some people grew up and went to other big cities to study or work, they would start belittling their own hometown. Teluk Intan is small, it doesnt have much entertainment, it is not as advanced as other cities. And yes, cities like KL and Penang are attractive, I love their shopping malls and the things they have there but we cant find in Teluk Intan.

But I love my hometown even more. We dont have skyscrapers, we dont have big malls, we dont have many expensive restaurants, but we have our Chee Cheong Fun, our Heong Peah, and also our old clock tower. Above all, we have our histories and memories here.

Why are they ashamed of where they come from? Why they wanna call themselves 'city people' instead of 'Teluk Intan-ian' where Teluk Intan will always be where you are from, regardless how much you would deny the fact. That left me with 1000 question marks.

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3rd August 2013 - Opus Jay World Tour in Malaysia
Saturday, August 10, 2013 // 3:32 PM

Exactly one week ago, WL and I were in KL for Opus Jay 2013 World Tour in Malaysia. It was the fourth concert I have been to, and it was the best! :D 

I have been listening to Jay Chou songs since primary school, and WL is even a greater fans of Jay Chou. We had been saying that we will go to his concert since 2011, lol. And early of 2013, when we finally received the official news saying that Jay Chou is coming to Malaysia for his 2013 world tour, I was like 'This is it, let's go!' and we used up all our saving in our kitty coin bank and bought the concert tickets. I was more than ready for the concert four months before Jay Chou came to Malaysia.

Bye bye saving! Picture above was taken when we went to bank to bank in the tickets which costed us RM600+. Trust me, I regretted before I went to his concert, regretted for not buying more expensive ones! The concert was awesome like that! T__T

Thanks Estelle for fetching us around in KL, and thank Ming Rhen for the ride to stadium. We reached Putra Indoor Stadium around 5pm+ because there was no jam (to our greatest surprise!). Concert was supposed to start at 8pm, we reached there early so we didnt even need to queue up to buy merchandise and I had more than enough time to take photos there before the concert began. My theory was.. since we have spent RM600+ on the concert, of course have to take as many photos and videos as possible, right? Opps, did I say video? :p   


Kinda regret for not buying Just Jay Bear and the towel. :( 

But but but! We have got the pink concert sack and both designs of the limited edition 3D keychains, yay! 

With my primary school mates.

It was the first concert we went together. So must take photos with the precious tickets.  :p 

7 30pm - We started lining up to enter the stadium. I said "Eh you go far far and take picture of me lining up, hehehe." Thats happy girl waving WL goodbye, so bad. 

Finally met Layce (the one who helped us to order concert tickets, and saved us from lining up in front of SOGO before ticket launching, hehe) in front of the ladies, haha.

 Another photo with WL who carried all the stuffs I prepared earlier, smart? :p (2 cameras, 2 phones, binoculars, iPod, portable charger) Yeap, my determination to snap photos and record vids made me do that.

When we were seated in the stadium, I started taking out all the stuffs inside concert sack. We have got one pink light stick, one concert fan, one LED bangle and one LED electronic fan. And I started snapping photo and playing with the LED fan, it was really fascinating, really.

After playing and snapping a few photos with it... *drum rolls* tragedy happened. Should have known this kind of stupid thing will happen to me, right?! My fringe got stuck in the fan while I was snapping photo. T___T Then I kept hitting WL who was observing the stadium. The hero then came to rescue the clumsy princess. :( He spent quite a while to get my hair out from the fan. As if it was not tragic enough, the hair which was stuck was my green highlighted hair, sobs.

In the end when he managed to free the fan, the fan couldnt function anymore. And the concert had not even begun!  I think my hair got stuck and burnt inside the fan, smoke came out from it. It was sooo smelly! I was so scared that it will burn down the whole place, haha! I got so emo and so sorry for wasting the RM35. T___T

 WL asked me after the concert when he saw this photo. He asked "Wah, you still got time to take picture when your hair got stuck?" :p

Nevermind the electronic fan, we still enjoyed the concert very very much. It was more than awesome pawsome. Didnt dare to bring my DSLR there so all the photos taken are not so good in quality. But again, the concert was AWESOME! The 4D lighting, the music, the atmosphere, the pink ocean, and the people. This is one of the best memory in 2013, I believe it is so for many Jay Chou fans. :)


The free pink light stick. 

Look at WL's happy face, haha. You know he is someone who is hyper zen? Every time I ask him something, he will say "okay lo, not bad". But this time, he rated this concert 10/10, WHOA. And after Jay Chou sang the first song, he told me "The next concert, we will be sitting in VIP seats." WHOA WHOA! 

 This was taken outside of stadium after the concert ended, fans didnt have enough of Jay Chou, so they decided to sing outside the stadium. We joined in, of course. The feeling was so so so hyper great. 

Concert started at 8 30pm and ended around 11pm. Yes, it is by far the best concert I have been to! :D And yes yes, I am counting down to Jay Chou coming to Malaysia again. It has been a week since the concert ended, but I am still in the concert mode. I keep watching the concert videos and keep looking at the photographs taken, Jay Chou fever is getting serious. But it is okay, we definitely will be seeing him again soon. :))

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